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Traverse Tours Sdn Bhd - Internationally Certified by the International Rafting Federation (IRF)

There is a common misconception among many Malaysians that white water rafting conducted outside of Malaysia is safer and more worthwhile due to the belief that only overseas River Guides are professionally skilled and trained. However, this assumption may trouble thrill-seekers who have experienced white water rafting in Malaysia.

In reality, our local company, Traverse Tours Sdn Bhd, also known as Riverbug, is one of the top white water rafting specialists in the region, if not the entire continent.

Founded by Mr. Dares Saham in 1995, Traverse Tours Sdn Bhd has gained extensive experience in white water rafting over the course of 12 years. In 2008, Riverbug took a significant step forward by ensuring that its crew obtained international certification from the International Rafting Federation (IRF).

The IRF is a globally recognized organization consisting of national associations and expert organizations in the field of rafting. With members from various regions such as Africa, Australasia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, the IRF's primary objective is to develop, organize, and ensure the future of rafting by certifying River Guides.

Riverbug's certification is renewed every term, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring that their guides stay updated with the latest training and safety protocols.
In April 2008, Riverbug organized an assessment expedition where the IRF assessor, Mr. Massimo Desiati, evaluated the skills of Riverbug guides on the Kiulu River (Grade I-II), Padas River (Grade III-IV), Malangkap River (Grade I-II), and Kampar River (Grade I-III).

With its internationally recognized and regularly renewed certification, Riverbug, the leading white water rafting operator in the country, has surpassed expectations once again. RIVERBUG is confident that more tourists, especially Malaysians, will be enticed to "paddle or die" with them. Rafting with the Riverbug crew is now even more adventurous, prestigious, and fun!

Rest assured, Riverbug prioritizes the safety of all rafters without any compromise.

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